Several youth in Indonesia gather around a flip chart with post-it notes

Indonesia, Design & Test


Phase 1: Define

Lines of Inquiry Canvas

Literature Review

Research Synthesis Template

Audience Profile Template

Intent Statement Template

Theory of Change Template

Conducting Immersive Research

Root Cause Analysis

Behavioral Journey Map Template

Behavioral Insights Template

Insights 101 Playbook

First Point of Convergence

Feedback Gathering Activity

Design Criteria

Phase 2: Design & Test

“How Might We?” Template

Brainstorming Template

Existing Solutions Bucket Template

Impact Effort Matrix Template

Concept Development Canvas

Solutions Prototype Canvas

Design SBCC Message Guide

Five Artifacts Activity

Prototype Kit

Gender Checklist

Testing Checklist

Gathering People’s Feedback

Integrate Feedback, Iterate, and Prioritize

Second Point of Convergence

Decision-Making Tool

Phase 3: Apply

Training Canvas

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Template

Implementation Plan Template

Evaluation Tool Template

Solution Refinement Checklist

Advocacy Canvas

Adaptation Canvas

Best Practices Scalability Checklist

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