The SBC Flow Chart Way

What are the Flow Chart’s guiding mindsets?

While the SBC Flow Chart integrates different methodologies with unique language, positioning, and specialization for addressing social and behavior change, they all share cross-cutting mindsets integrated into every step of the SBC Flow Chart. These mindsets uncover an inclusive way of doing SBC. Flip each card to learn more.

Three people practicing equitable co-design in Guatemala

Equitable co-design –
Fosters collaboration where diverse voices are heard, ensuring fairness in the design process and creating solutions that resonate with everyone.

Two people practice contextual data gathering in Jamaica

Contextual data gathering –
Collects insights in real-life situations and environments, capturing the authentic user experiences for crafting tailored and effective interventions.

Three people meet under a tent in Guyana

Meet users where they are –
Emphasizes designing and testing possible solutions in the audiences’ real-world environment, ensuring authenticity and relevance. By engaging the audience in their space, observing behaviors, and gaining first hand insights, implementers can fine-tune interventions to address needs.

Practicing empathetic listening in Nigeria

Empathetic listening –
Cultivates a deep understanding through active listening, empathizing with audiences’ perspectives, and paving the way for impactful, audience-centric solutions.

Woman practices dynamic scaling in Guatemala

Dynamic scaling –
Allows interventions to adapt and grow organically, ensuring scalability and relevance across diverse contexts and maximizing positive impact.

Girl reads cards hanging from branch in Indonesia

Nudge for positive choice –
Utilizes subtle cues to influence behavior positively and encourages the audience towards beneficial decisions, creating sustainable and desirable outcomes.