Implementing the SBC Flow Chart

This toolkit provides an introduction on how to implement the SBC Flow Chart. It is designed to be a flexible and unique experience that integrates multiple approaches and methodologies, providing recommendations of tools and inspiration that may be helpful along the way.

What we know is there is no one way to do things. The toolkit takes you on a five point journey; three phases where you collect information, build your solution set, and implement what works, and two points of convergence where validate what you have.

So, while the SBC Flow Chart is laid out as a step-by-step process, it is not meant to be prescriptive. You can build upon what is provided or replace a tool if you have something that will work better in your context.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! And remember that SBC is as much an art as a science; use the basis found here to let your creativity flow and adapt based on the unique needs of your team and context.

Phase 1 Define: Mine existing knowledge, Intent statement, Deepen understanding; Phase 2 Design & Test: Imagine, Refine, Prototype, Test; Phase 3 Apply: Implement & Monitor, Evaluate & Refine, Adapt & Scale

We invite you to take the Social and Behavior Change 101: An Introduction course for additional resources!