Second Point of Convergence

Point of Convergence - Women meet in a conference room in Indonesia

Indonesia, Point of Convergence

Decision points sit between each phase. These are called points of convergence. During this transition, the project team validates the quality of the solutions and feasibility with implementing partners and stakeholders. This is a time for accepting the presented solutions, moving them forward, and promoting buy-in.

Second point of convergence between Phase 2 Design and Test and Phase 3 Apply

Solution Validation

How do we know if we have an accepted solution?

By the end of this step, you will have validated the selected prototypes with community members and key stakeholders, moving the prototype from testing to a product or solution ready for implementation.

How to conduct this step and achieve its main objectives:

Validate with Implementers & Stakeholders

Once your solutions have been validated with users, the next step is validating them with implementers and stakeholders. Conduct a validation workshop, a collaborative event where solutions, results, and potential for scalability will undergo analysis. Participants analyze results, feasibility, and implementing conduction to ensure scalability.

Decision-Making Tool

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Suggested time:
3–4 hours
Design and research team, partners and stakeholders, individuals you are designing for

Tool: Desirability, Feasibility, Scalability Decision-Making Tool

Feedback gathering assists stakeholders and implementing partners in decision making. It fosters an environment for collecting input, ensuring diverse perspectives are taken into account. Analyzing this feedback helps teams make informed decisions to ensure the relevance of final solutions.

Effort required:

Three out of five on the effort scale

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