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Breakthrough ACTION, in partnership with Breakthrough RESEARCH offers Social and Behavior Change practitioners and researchers a suite of blended learning capacity strengthening e-courses and toolkits. The courses are self-guided and include a pre/post-test, instructional video content, PowerPoints, knowledge check quizzes, and extra assignments and opportunities to further the discussion with other SBC professionals. The objective of these courses and toolkits is to improve the capacity among SBC practitioners/researchers, specifically in francophone West Africa, to use SBC approaches to identify and apply solutions to challenges.

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Courses and Toolkits

During the 2019 Francophone Social and Behavioral Change Communication Summit in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, participants were eager to learn more about trending topics in SBC, such as behavioral economics, norms-shifting interventions, and SBC indicators using Breakthrough RESEARCH’s indicator mapping. While many SBC practitioners and researchers in francophone West Africa have been briefly exposed to these advances in SBC through conferences or webinars, some have not had the opportunity to take a deep dive into these topics and build the skills necessary to apply them in their work. Breakthrough ACTION and Breakthrough RESEARCH offer the following to SBC practitioners and researchers:

Additional Learning Opportunities