Audience Segmentation for Malaria

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Social and behavior change (SBC) strategies are critical for encouraging positive behaviors and addressing social and structural barriers around malaria prevention and case management. SBC can foster an increased utilization of health services, improved client-provider interactions, and the proper diagnosis and treatment for malaria.

To increase the effectiveness of SBC strategies, program planners need to understand the intended audience(s) of SBC efforts and the factors driving their behavior. Audience segmentation is a technique that divides a population into groups with similar characteristics related to a topic or behavior of interest, enabling a deeper understanding of the demographic factors, norms, and attitudes that drive malaria-related behavior among each group. The use of audience segmentation can help SBC practitioners develop interventions and messages tailored to each group’s particular characteristics and needs.

This course is intended for use by social and behavior change (SBC) and service delivery professionals to encourage appropriate use of malaria tests and treatment by employing segmentation based on attitudes and behaviors of their intended audience(s).

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