How do I sign up for updates about new online courses and blended learning opportunities?

There are two ways to sign up for updates from SBC Learning Central.

  1. First, sign up to receive the latest SBC Learning Central announcements.
  2. Additionally, to receive occasional updates about a specific course/toolkit and related content, such as new courses that cover the same SBC approach (audience segmentation, community engagement, etc.) or address the same technical area (family planning/reproductive health, malaria, etc.), look for the “Stay Updated” section on the right side of the course and click “Subscribe”.

News and updates are sent periodically. You can update your email preferences at any time.

What is a blended online learning course?

To reinforce and enhance online courses, Breakthrough ACTION offers blended learning courses that combine asynchronous lessons with participation in virtual, synchronous discussions with course authors and peers. These blended learning opportunities include live office hours, question and answer sessions, project planning support, and “deep dives” during which course content is applied to practical exercises.

What is Springboard?

Springboard is an online community of SBC professionals. It is a place for ideas and learning, suited to those working at any level of expertise and in any SBC-related field. Specifically, Springboard offers:

  • Access to SBC experts through interviews, live question and answer sessions, and online discussions
  • A space to connect with and learn from other SBC professionals
  • Learning opportunities through discussions and professional development announcements
  • Links to curated tools through the Compass
  • Public and private groups that enable country- or network-based interactions
  • A space to ideate and problem solve 

SBC Learning Central hosts discussion forums for our blended online learning courses on Springboard. Join through your blended online learning course, request to join on the Springboard website, or login as an existing member.

I need help getting started. What do I do first?

Review our “Getting Started” guide in English or French (PDFs).

Explore the FAQs below for additional information. If you do not find the answer to your question(s), please contact us. We are happy to help!

Do I have to pass the posttest to earn a certificate?

Yes. Most SBC Learning Central courses include a posttest. You must achieve a score of 80% or higher on the posttest to pass the course. You may retake the posttest as many times as needed to pass.

You must also complete the feedback questions at the end of each course before you can download your certificate. We appreciate your feedback! It helps us continuously improve SBC Learning Central courses.

Once you have earned a score of 80% or higher on the posttest and submitted the course feedback form, you can download your certificate.

Immediately after submitting the “Course Feedback” form, you will see an option to “Download Certificate.”

Click « Download Certificate » after completing the « Course Feedback » form.

Where are my notes saved?

All lessons and topics have a separate notes space, ensuring notes are organized by the name of the section you are working on when taking the notes. To find saved notes, click “Access Your Notes” in the column on the right or return to the lesson and click “Taking Notes” in the bottom-right hand corner of the page. (One way to revisit a lesson is to go to your SBC Learning Central profile, click the course title, then use the COURSE CONTENT menu on the right to move between lessons.)

You can also print or download your notes for future reference outside of the course space using the icons at the bottom of the Taking Notes pop-up window.

How do I use the “Take Notes” feature?

The “Take Notes” feature allows you to type, copy, and paste relevant notes and save them on SBC Learning Central. Most lessons have a notes space, ensuring notes are organized by lesson.

In the bottom-right hand corner of your course, click “Take Notes” to open the notes pop-up window. You can move the notes window around as you work. Use it to type, insert URLs, make bulleted lists, and save the notes you take. You can also print or download your notes for future reference outside of the course space.

"Taking Notes" feature with print and download icons.

How can I see which courses are available in French? 

To see courses and toolkits offered in French, visit the SBC Learning Central homepage and select “French” from the “Course Language” drop-down menu.

If you select a French course from the course menu, the website will also appear in French.

Can I change/update my profile information?

Yes! You can change or update your personal information including your name, email address, password, country, and occupation, and even upload a photo by logging into your SBC Learning Central profile and clicking on “Update Your Profile”. Note: Your username cannot be changed.

Important: Be sure to type in your first and last names exactly as you would like them to appear on course or program certificates. 

Can I adapt information from SBC Learning Central for another purpose? 

Yes, SBC Learning Central courses and toolkits are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0). You can adapt course content as long as the original source is cited.

Sample citation: 
SBC Learning Central. (n.d.). Introduction to behavioral economics [Course]. Breakthrough ACTION.