Malaria SBC Toolkit for Community and Faith Leaders

Faith and community leaders have deep roots in local communities. Local leaders also play an important role in health issues around the world, including the fight against malaria. Malaria is a deadly disease, but it can be prevented and cured. Local leaders are crucial in helping communities take action in the fight against malaria.

This toolkit will guide faith and community organizations to use their own strengths, community connections, and resources to educate on how to prevent malaria and support proper treatment in local communities. Using the processes of social and behavior change (SBC), the toolkit will help leaders influence communities’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and social norms to help people adopt key behaviors to prevent and treat malaria. The toolkit consists of four sections: Context, Malaria Actions to Promote, Using Malaria SBC in Your Work, and Advocacy; and is available in en anglais, en français, en espagnol, and en portugais.

The toolkit contains:

  • Resources to learn more about malaria in your country or region.
  • Tools for communicating effectively and creating lasting behavior change.
  • A list of key actions to promote to fight malaria in your community.
  • Steps for integrating malaria into your current work.
  • Examples of community malaria activities.
  • Strategies for being malaria advocates.

Leaders can use these tools to help local people and families change their everyday actions to prevent malaria and promptly and safely treat malaria if they become sick. Together we can help stop the spread of this disease, treat those who fall ill, and save lives.